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Let me start with the news I can finally say I completed the whole Memorychain set (152 cards)!!! πŸŽ‰
This article is about my journey collecting them πŸ™‚


I have always been a full set collector, back in the day (1997) I collected a full set of Tempest (Magic: the Gathering), and through the years I completed a lot of MtG sets (Arabian Nights, Legends, Urza’s block etc). Recently I’m collecting full sets of Flesh and Blood (FaB).

JuzΓ‘m Djinn (Arabian Nights), Tabernacle (Legends) and Heart of Fyendal (WTR)

When it comes to NFTs / blockchain assets I was able to complete a full set of Curio Cards (first art NFTs on Ethereum, debuted on May 9, 2017. For context, that’s six weeks before CryptoPunks) and a full set of Age of Chains (first card β€œGUARDIANCARD” was issued on October 30, 2016).

Curio Cards #26 and GUARDIANCARD

Collecting Memorychain

When it comes to collecting Memorychain, that was something else…. Since there aren’t much assets around I needed to find cards on Opensea or through XCP orders / dispensers. And besides that I’ve approached numerous people, luckily a handful of them wanted to trade or sell me some!

The first Memorychain card I stumbled upon was TAKANE. Reason why I acquired it is simply because I really liked it!! When I was young I’ve read quite a lot of cartoons and watched even more animated television series, so I directly felt a vibe 🀩

TAKANE, designed by kappapepe

After buying TAKANE I learned about the whole Memorychain set and discovered a lot of amazing cards, as well as the Oasis Mining collection (the set with the legendary CCGBTCONE) and some other projects (see β€œLinks” for more info). I was able to buy a few more from someone so the journey for the whole set began..

So the set contains 152 cards, and I now had like 7 haha 🀏! A few cards (like THEGODTANU) quickly ran away in the 2021 bull, so I was hoping for them to come down eventually. Eventually they did come down a bit and I could continue my challenge..

Japan(ese people)

I’m not that familiar with Japan, however when I was thinking about it I actually do know quite a bunch of things like Sapporo, Sake, Sushi, Mount Fuji, Samurai/Ninjas, Sumo Wrestling, Geisha, Origami, Kimono, Karaoke, Godzilla and of course Manga/Anime as well as technology and gadgets like Sony and Nintendo or even a Tamagotchi. I’m sure as you are reading this you know a lot of these yourself!

As a tcg (trading card game) collector I most definitely know about PokΓ©mon (few know it is an abbreviation for Pocket Monsters). Think I’ll probably never will own a high graded Charizard 😜

BGS 10 shadowless first edition Charizard

So, when collecting the Memorychain set, I’ve spoken to a lot of people through Twitter, Telegram and Discord. I think about 25% of them took the time to reply and even far less were open to discuss a potential trade or sell. The language barrier doesn’t help either, sometimes it’s really hard to understand each other. I got a couple of grey hairs from all this πŸ˜…

My view on the Japanese people (from my experience) is that they are very kind in general, but aren’t always that communicative because of the language barrier I guess, or maybe they’re not interested in money or are too proud, I don’t know?

However I think in every trade I made I’ve sent stuff first (crypto or cards) and none of them scammed me! That’s a huge compliment to them! 😁

So those who traded with me, thank you very much πŸ™

Notable cards

Of course there are 152 cards. A lot of those cards contain so much references to historical crypto events, it’s great to discover them all πŸ˜‰

I’ll highlight a few notable cards.

Considered the first card (not the first one minted tho) in the Memorychain set (minted on April 8, 2017)


Considered the Memorychain grail, by tanunci9 (rumor has it it’s actually davinci9)


A reference to the famous Laszlo Hanyecz who traded 10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas on May 22, 2010, only 15 left the artist wallet


The hardest card to acquire, only 9 left the artist wallet


A few other ones that have a very low supply that left the artists wallet are:

  • MGOINVADER β€” 11
  • GAMESTART β€” 12
  • MEIGEN β€” 15


At the time of writing there are 1945 different holders and there are only 4 addresses that contain the complete set of 152 cards. Of these 4 addresses, 2 didn’t have any (outgoing) activity for over 3 years.

While gathering some data I could come up with this list of the top 25 holders (sorted by quantity desc, address asc)

β•‘ Address β•‘ Quantity β•‘
β•‘ 12D1YYdqpggz9KpgQT6DFajJdf9pJkz6Px β•‘ 152 β•‘
β•‘ 14MZ6CNfWRFi3gmcLykXuand3HwRCWRPRQ β•‘ 152 β•‘
β•‘ 1CZmRi7CnYeBpgUAjVXBGRBE6YDZZWVART β•‘ 152 β•‘
β•‘ 1PtaAbhoircrKkzD6p3tfFCcz1jKX7hHzZ β•‘ 152 β•‘
β•‘ 15DyT6GU5bwViSwhtKu7fGb1JGv5gdK5iL β•‘ 148 β•‘
β•‘ 1FZZ7aQTVh4yE4GddvVt6Ykh1ejmYEMZwz β•‘ 131 β•‘
β•‘ 1PCkgtn5wmcgY6DkqDSD3RZ8UxpZLXB6M2 β•‘ 123 β•‘
β•‘ 1HhYkQ7R6xSSK7m1WwXZsgwmcjzMZtZYCq β•‘ 122 β•‘
β•‘ 12T6iEDNc42L9W8kgtDVBFMQo4JAdUKAkT β•‘ 120 β•‘
β•‘ 1NZy2TZyEiG1GGRs5ZDQLntC9FQup6uaQB β•‘ 118 β•‘
β•‘ 1BRB38LNN1CNWeQngKeeZFF7osBpmyieKa β•‘ 102 β•‘
β•‘ 15MDXC3YkR5sHL34c41YMonkxJP7RKeLK1 β•‘ 101 β•‘
β•‘ 1NDLa9HG3WsBuzn1x6RyPBHNipUHLyaE2h β•‘ 100 β•‘
β•‘ 1MupdofmXC8vrRLLJQBKq6NLAp1sRmfAqt β•‘ 99 β•‘
β•‘ 16U7CKye32ncaqTJPBsXjXSJodp6PqVMFi β•‘ 96 β•‘
β•‘ 1MahKbQ4v2mTEdrEGEjX3yGCWyRGXPZ2k4 β•‘ 92 β•‘
β•‘ 13GMnzsri7mkNoZraR9NSFAZ8v4P6pRTc4 β•‘ 90 β•‘
β•‘ 1ANpJrYSRdeLnBYnfMp2gocR9RmXs5WNta β•‘ 86 β•‘
β•‘ 18PHGKzAcMDNVNie6kwDp2s6rkKM8RBcg2 β•‘ 84 β•‘
β•‘ 1BNjNs2Ef9WhvtnBt37saoGY37aWqLFjsx β•‘ 83 β•‘
β•‘ 19Tn976kBy2X5p3WRz2bE77h6ajkCAUsWS β•‘ 75 β•‘
β•‘ 1QDhwowbqSbEdkD4hxbVgjELDcoBXisdDL β•‘ 70 β•‘
β•‘ 1LWMYMA2esbc5nLz5QwtrmrxVMG2tszM8t β•‘ 69 β•‘
β•‘ 1MzSiAuBtvSTK7mYk651BkxSXyyLMM9EmT β•‘ 69 β•‘
β•‘ 1Day8GSPboe6rofDwjGA6qEdNV8M27knBz β•‘ 68 β•‘

When doing this research I’ve made a website that can be used to see which Memorychain cards are in a certain address and which ones that address is still missing, for example address 15DyT6GU5bwViSwhtKu7fGb1JGv5gdK5iL that has 148/152 cards is missing BTCFORK, GAMESTART, MGOINVADER and NEOCHAN


Closing words

I hope you enjoyed reading this, if you have any questions please let me know through Twitter/Discord/Telegram: @crypt0biwan

🍣 πŸ—» πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ 🍺